The first Feast was held without statues of the Saints. The following individuals were the initial members of the Men's Society. They are credited for sending to Italy for our statues of Saints Cosmas and Damian. Each member donated equally toward the total cost of $265 for the statues and $90 for the cabinet in which they would be kept. The Statues arrived in crates which were opened in the home of Cosmo Pennacchio on Porter Street in East Cambridge. The original agreements of the Committee were drawn and registered by the Law Office of Joseph Cherubino, 129 Fifth Street, East Cambridge, MA, on August 6th, 1927. The Men's Society eventually accepted additional members and held meetings separately from the Women's Society until 1993 when it melded together with the Women's Society.

Cosmo Pennacchio
Gerardo Cervone
Gennaro DeVellis
Antonio DeVellis
Francesco DeVellis
Francesco Strozzi
Alessandro Buonagurio
Antonio Marzullo
Giuseppe Santangelo
Damiano Petingi
Gennaro Papa

The following individuals were the founders and initial members of the Women's Society. They organized on July 5th, 1937, under the name of "Associazione Cattolica Femminile, S.S. Cosmo e Damiano, di Cambridge, e Somerville, Massachusetts". They were led by Marietta Colarutolo and they met at the Columbus Association, a local social club located at 48 Warren Street, East Cambridge, MA. The group formally registered itself with the State of Massachusetts on June 2nd, 1938. The Society, again led by Marietta Colaruotolo, purchased a parcel of land located at 17 Porter Street in April of 1948. The condemned house which occupied the land was demolished by Gaetano Amendola and Giuseppe Gallena, and the existing chapel was built to house the Saints.

Marietta Colaruotolo
Anna Amendola
Libera Reale
Maria Giacchetto
Lena Giacchetto
Carmela Giacchetto
Francesca Petinci
Marion Papa
Mary Napolitano
Anna Laura
Louise Sabella
Bettina Carvello
Giacomina Miele
Fortunata Grassia
Mary Grassia
Assunta DiBiase
Eva DiBiase
Nancy Durrazzano
Regina DeCarolis
Louise Fedele
Iada Lombardi
Vincenzina Leccese
Anna Albano
Maria DiMille
Civita DiNitto
Nancy Capomaggio
Carmela DiVasto
Candita Ferrante
Civita Farinata
Civita Leccese
Antonietta Tucci
Rosa Grimaldi
Anna Camelio
Maria Cesarale
Loreta DiFava
Maria Petricone
Giacomina Romano
Maria Romanini
Grazia Mesiano
Nancy DiCecca
Rose Restuccia
Adelina DiCicco
Angelina Ciampi
Anna Viola
Angelina DeLorenzo
Rose Muscara
Maria DiRusso
Filomena Trani
Mary Scalesse
Angelina Vecchiarelle
Maria Geranio
Elonora Cincotta
Nancy Uglietti
Anne Leccese
Francesca Miele
Anna Petinci
Concetta Mancini
Calogera Insolaco
Civita Uglietti
Anna Uglietti
Vincenza Soccorso
Mary Gentile
Gaetana Giardone
Antonietta Goffredo
Nancy DiBiase
Assunta DiNucci
Carmela DiVasto
Maddelena Cavicchio
Concetta Sguizzero
Assunta DiVasto
Vincenzina D'Ovidio
Nancy Ventura
Elisabetta Lollaggio
Petronilla Mosica
Rose Passerine
Marietta D'Ovidio
Concetta DeVellis
Filomena Notargiacomo
Elvira Bisesti
Grazia LaFauce
Concetta Costa
Francesca Rubino
Mary Catanzano
Mary Pasquariello
Mary DiFazio
Mary Pariselli
Rose D'Ovidio
Jenny DiMarino
Rose Buonaugurio
Elisa Limosano
Clara Parrazzo